Birthdays, cakes and parties

September is a month of birthdays in our family. We have quite a few of them. Lottie celebrates hers on the 11th, hubby has his on the 14th. Both of hubby’s parents celebrate theirs and so does my dad. It makes it a pretty busy month as well but it’s all fun! Lot’s of cakes, lots of presents and lots of parties!

This year we rather bravely (or foolishly…I’ll let you decide!) agreed to let Lottie have a disco party. This meant she invited the whole class, plus a few friends from church and all of her cousins. That was probably not my wisest move! There were a lot of children there! Thankfully though the DJ was amazing! He entertained the kids from the second they arrived, until they left. We didn’t have to do anything! The company we used (Generation Events) were not the cheapest but they were worth every single penny and I would definitely use them again, and recommend them to anybody in Gloucestershire who needs a DJ. We had a great time. The kids loved it, especially as I was a lazy mum who went to the chip shop for their food! No cooking, and hardly any waste either! Worth the effort, and probably worked out cheaper than getting loads of party food in!

Lottie gets to choose between a party and a present every year, and usually chooses the party because she gets more presents and rarely wants anything big. This year, however she was undecided because she really wanted and Alexa Spot. However, in the end she decided on the party. I think she’s glad she did because she got enough money just from guests at her party to buy herself one! (And the jammy thing still has about £50 left from her birthday money, which she’s decided to save and change into dollars for our trip to Florida)

We’ve also had hubby’s birthday and he seems happy enough. He got the new Gloucester shirt so he’s happy. We didn’t really do much to celebrate his birthday. He went to the Rugby but that is about it. He’s not really that into birthdays. Lottie and I are more into them than him. Maybe it’s a girl thing?

I must admit that I am glad they are over and done with though. September has pretty much bankrupted me! I do budget for birthdays all year round but with a big party, it’s been a lot more expensive than I was expecting it to be. So, for the rest of the month we’re living out of the food in the freezer, but it has been worth it. It’s been a fun few weeks!

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