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Blogging your way to Riches was recently sent to me to review by the very lovely Lynn James at Mrs Mummypenny. As I am quite keen to turn this blog into something that makes me some money I read it with great interest. I love this blog and would happily continue it without making any cash, but who wouldn’t like to make an income doing something they truly enjoy? It might help me actually achieve the self employed dream. With this is mind I read the book with my business head on. I know from past experience I can build a successful business, I just wanted to know how to do it as a blogger.

Blogging your way to Riches is written by two bloggers Lynn James and Emma Bradley (Emma and 3), both of whom have been successful in building up their blogs into their full time job. I really liked how honest they were in this book. When I first started looking at how realistic it would be to make a living from this blog I was surprised by how many people seemed to say that it was easy and brag about the six figure incomes they make from blogging. This book was refreshing because it talks about the effort they had to put in to making money, and the time frames it takes. Success does not come overnight, and this was reassuring for me to read.

I liked reading about the experiences of both Lynn and Emma as they built up their blog and how they started out. Their backgrounds aren’t totally dissimilar to my own, and I have a good work ethic so have seen that it is totally possible to turn a blog into a full time job. With that in mind I aim to be earning as much from this blog as I do from current job by June 2019. That gives me a year…no pressure!

One of the things that I found really helpful was the talk about networking. This was something I hadn’t really considered until now. I know that blog events happen all the time but I have never been to one. I was meant to be going to Blog on the Beach in July but I’ve broken my foot and can’t drive so won’t make it.¬† I am going to make a real effort to get to some of the events coming up over the rest of this year and try to build up a network of blogging contacts as well.

I also liked the practical advice given on how to approach companies to work with for collaborations and sponsored posts. I know this definitely an area I need A LOT of help with. I don’t have much sales experience or ability so knowing what I need to do to pitch myself and my blog has been really beneficial. I’ve written a list of companies I would like to work with, that I feel could be a good match for me and my blog and I’m going to make my first approach to one of them this week.

The book also encourages you to treat your blog as a business and to write a business plan. I’m going to do this with monthly, quarterly, six month, year, 18 month, 3 year and 5 year aims. For example my first aim is to build up my social media following, and actually set up a Facebook page. This is another focus of the book, and how to build up a social media following, and then how this can lead to an increased readership.

This book is great for those who are just starting out, or just looking into the idea of making money from their blog. However, it does only provide a general overview of all the things you can consider to make your blog a success. I do feel that for the areas I want to concentrate on I may need to look elsewhere to get more detailed information about what strategies to buy.

Overall though, I would recommend the book. It’s an easy read, well laid out and simple to understand. It definitely left me with plenty of ideas and a lot to think about. Above all, it’s convinced me that making money from blogging is achievable which is exactly what I wanted to hear. Now to put the hard work in and make some cash!

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