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Decree Absolute by Wendy Cooper is the latest book up for review on the blog. It’s not been the easiest book for me to read and review for a few reasons. Firstly, I’ll be honest, time to read is very limited at the moment so I’ve had to read the odd page here and there, which made it harder to get into the flow of the book. It’s also not the sort of book I would normally read either. That is a good thing. One of things I love about hosting book tours on the blog is the fact that it encourages me to read new things and step out of my comfort zone a bit.

The Blurb

Jessica Barron no longer believes in love.

Her first husband died tragically and she discovers her second husband in flagrante with their children’s nanny. But with the faithless pair gone, her parents holidaying overseas, and her friend Amy in no state to assist, the Leeds divorce advocate can’t juggle the demands of her job with the care of her children, Luke and Gemmy, who she is emotionally estranged from. Jessica needs a new nanny, and fast.

Renée Arden is over relationships. Reeling from a recent break up, the Home Solution Agency owner is temporarily homeless. When Jessica mistakes her for a staff member, the solution is obvious. Renée will step in as nanny.

On their initial meeting Jessica and Renée clash. But desperate times call for desperate measures and the women put aside their differences. Both women, in their own way, need each other.

Renée’s efficient running of the household, enables Jessica to reconnect with her children and their relationship moves from professional to friendship, with the possibility of so much more.

But circumstances and supposed friends conspire against them.

Further heartbreak, hidden truths and secret desires test their fledgling relationship.

Decree Absolute …the end is a new beginning. Or is it?

About the Author

Hi my name is Wendy Cooper. Growing up surrounded by books was a given. Dad was a bookseller back in the day and I worked for a publishing company in England on my big overseas adventure. I couldn’t escape the lure of books if I wanted to. For thirty years I was a flight attendant with our national carrier, and still immersed myself in reading on those long tours of duty away from New Zealand. On retiring from that career I settled on the Volcanic Plateau with my partner and two exotic cats who bring us much joy with their antics.

Travel writing and photography diplomas make up the sum total of my academic background. I prefer to inform those who ask, I graduated from the University of Life and am doing post graduate studies for the rest of my life!

I’ve been mentored by two fantastic writers who have helped my writing get to where it is today. Lee Murray and Eileen Mueller thank you for believing in me.

Women’s fiction with strong romantic themes (mainly gay women, but not exclusively) seems to be where my genre lies. Once I’ve written all the stories I have on my ‘To do’ list, I might try fantasy. There’s a blind dragon who has befriended a fairy who can’t fly. They would like their story told.

My thoughts on Decree Absolute

I will be honest here and say that I found this book quite hard to read. I liked Jessica as a character, and warmed to her almost instantly. I could relate to so much of what her character was going through and found the way her emotions on her situation were described to be honest and relatable. I think the big problem I had though was that I struggled to relate to or warm to Renee as a character. I didn’t dislike her, I just didn’t feel that connection with her that I need to truly love a book.

The story flowed well though and I loved how sensitively the book handled a storyline that flowed through it dealing with cancer, and the effects it has on those living with it. I did love the fact that the theme of being a strong, independent woman moved through the book as well. Jessica and Renee are both strong characters who have made their own career paths. I did find this quite an empowering message to be portrayed.

So would I recommend Decree Absolute? Actually, I think would. It wasn’t a deep and meaningful read but sometimes that’s what you need. It isn’t badly written, and the storyline was good. I’m basing my opinion purely on the fact that I didn’t like a character but this is a very personal thing. It doesn’t take from the book, or the storyline. I know plenty of friends who would enjoy reading this book.

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