Meal Planning to stay organised

I have been inspired by Katykicker and The Organised Life Project and have been planning my meals for the last few weeks. I’ve mostly done it to make sure that I stick to my diet but I have also been making sure  that it allows us to reduce our waste and cut down our food costs.

I’ve found that by planning our meals in advance I’m much more organised. I can whizz round the supermarket in less time as I have a shopping list already prepared and only need to get those items. This saves me time. Only buying what I need also means that I am wasting less food and we have saved money on our food shopping doing this. For us meal planning is without a doubt the way forward.

So for this week our meals are going to be:

Monday – Spaghetti Bolognese

Tuesday – Chilli con Carne

Wednesday – Vegetable Fingers, Slimming World Chips and Beans

Thursday – Sweet Potato, Chickpea and Spinach Curry

Friday – Jacket Potatoes

Saturday – Toby Carvery meal out with family

Sunday – Roast Dinner (being cooked by my amazing Nana!)


This week is a bit of a strange one for us. We’re going to my Nan’s for the Easter weekend on Friday. We’ve also got parents evening, gymnastics and a trip to the dentist after school so it’s busy. It means we need to have easy meals which is what all of this all is. I’ve got next week’s meal planned as well! How’s that for organised. Definitely most unlike me.

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