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Exam revision techniques

I am currently in the middle of GCSE Geography revision. Having spent the last two years sitting in every lesson of it I decided that I would take on the challenge myself and take the GCSE myself. Passing it is one of my resolutions for 2018.  I hadn’t anticipated how hard the revision would be. It’s time consuming and I feel that as soon I revise one topic then I seem to forget another one. This is quite concerning when you consider that the first exam is less than a month away! I’m aiming for a 6 in the new GCSE grading. This is the equivalent of a B in the old system and matches what I got when I sat my GCSE’s many, many years ago.

Revision is hard, there is no doubt about that but I have managed to come up with a few things that seem to be helping me get through it, and retain some of the information! I only have one subject to revise for so I am feeling really sorry for every student that has nine subjects to get their head around. And the new GCSE’s are definitely a lot more demanding.

How am I revising?

  • Mind Maps/Spider Diagrams – I used this method the first time around when I was a teenager. I have big A3 sheets of plain paper. In the centre I have the topic I am revising and the from that I draw lines out and write about different things related to that topic. This is really helpful because you are able to draw lines across the page from one thing to another to see how different things are linked and inter-related. I also use lots of bright colours and highlighters as well.  For me it works really well because it allows me to write the facts down and then provides a bright visual reminder of them as well. I have the posters in prominent places around my house now. Mostly in the kitchen, hallway and bedroom. I think they are driving my poor husband mad now!

  • Flash Cards –I have also made small flash cards that I carry literally everywhere with me at the moment. This works really well because they have small snippets of information on them. I also have questions on them on the other side to the information to challenge myself. According to the BBC this is quite an effective revision technique. It works well for me because I have the cards with me all the time so I can effectively revise any time and in any place.
  • Practising Exam Questions – This is without a doubt the best method of revision that there is. It allows me to get used to the style of question will be in the exam. It also means that I can see how many marks I can get for each question. I’ve learnt how much time each question needs now, and the level of detail needed for the high mark questions. For me this really helps because I will know how to manage my time in the exam.

The big question is will I be ready for my exams? I think I will be but there is still a lot to remember. I guess we will see whether all the hard work has paid off in August!

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