2017….what a challenging year!

2017 spelled out with sparkler

2017 has been a busy year or us. It has been challenging in ways I didn’t know it was possible to be challenged. It has seen my seen my husband change jobs, a financial crisis as a result (now all sorted thankfully), me successfully completing the London Marathon (yes I know, you can stop choking on your Christmas chocolate…it shocked me too!), a lovely family holiday in Lanzarote, getting the living room and dining room redone at long last and quite a few health issues which finally culminated in a diagnosis of Pernicious Anaemia which is now being treated and I feel human again.

I also have no idea how my marriage has managed to survive the year but it has and it’s actually the strongest it’s been in a very long time. My husband knows that he was impossible to be around when things were at their worst in his old job, and the fact that he decided to confide in an ex girlfriend, and start what could be considered an emotional affair, rather than turn to me did almost tear us apart. Thankfully we’ve come through the other side and everything is much better now. I’m glad because I would hate to throw over a decade of marriage away!

Through all of this I have definitely learnt a lot about myself. I’ve completed a marathon….that is 26 miles on my feet under pressure to finish before they stopped handing out medals (I literally just made it!). It isn’t just one day though. I had to train for hours on end for almost six months to be able to complete it, regardless of what the weather was like or how crap I felt. But I did it and as cheesy as it sounds it definitely changed me as a person. I learnt a level of resilience and determination existed in me that I never knew I had before. It’s one of my proudest achievements to date.

I am also sitting typing this on the lovely sofa I’ve been admiring for several years, in a room lit by posh light fittings and decorated exactly how I want it to be decorated. It feels good. It took two years of saving for it, and then three months to get it completed but our lounge/dining room is now exactly how I have wanted it to be since we moved into this house in 2009.

I also spent most of this year struggling to find the energy to do anything. I was diagnosed with low B12 levels and eventually Pernicious Anaemia which explained almost every symptom I have felt for over eighteen months. I had a series of B12 injections and within two weeks I felt human again. I cannot believe that something as simple as having injections of a vitamin could improve my health so much. I am now able to stay out of bed later than 8pm and I wake up feeling refreshed. I am very relieved to be ending the year on this improvement!

Overall, I think that 2017 has been a challenging year. It’s been life changing and I really hope that 2018 is better. I’ll write another blog in the next couple of days to talk about my hopes for 2018!

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