All About Me and my Blog

Life in Rose Tinted Glasses is a blog by a George, a mummy and wife, living in Gloucestershire who much prefers to look at the world through rose tinted glasses. Let’s be straight here…. there are times when I am talking about the kind of glass that holds rose wine, rather than the kind that you look through, although I probably look at the world through them too!

I married my husband in 2005, when I was 20 and he was only 19. We’ve been through some amazing time since then, and had our fair share of lows. He drives me mad, especially over his addiction to his PlayStation and sports but overall he’s a good one. I don’t think I would find another man who could love me and all my quirks quite as much as he does so I think I’ll keep him until that elusive millionaire comes along! He’s not too keen to feature in the blog so I’m not sure how much he’ll be mentioned.

Lottie, our little girl was born in September 2008. Like most girls her age she’s into unicorns, music, her iPad, Harry Potter and has recently discovered fashion and make up. As a result our life seems to have got infinitely more expensive! Lottie loves the idea of becoming famous because of my blog, although I’m now only allowed to include photo’s of her after she’s approved them and the outfit she’s wearing!

I have yet to come up with a niche for this blog. I’m told that one of them is important but I like blogging about what takes my fancy, and the many things that make up our family life, and that are important to me. Things that are important in our life include

  • My family – they really are my world and
  • Money – both how we make it and try to save it
  • Holidays – I work to enjoy nice holidays
  • Losing Weight – As a plus sized lady I seem to be constantly trying (and usually failing!) to lose weight
  • Reviews – We like reviewing things. We love to try new things. I especially love reading and so I seem to be writing a lot of book reviews
  • Green Living – This is something I’m just beginning to explore and look into. I really want to minimise the impact that our life has on the planet, and feel less guilty about my carbon footprint, because I do like foreign holidays.

So grab yourself a glass of wine and come along for the journey.


If you are a brand or company interested in working with me, and think you could be a good match for what I publish on the blog then please email me at and I will be get in touch with you.