Confessing my addiction to Zoflora


I have an addiction to Zoflora. There you are. I’ve said it! I’ve outed myself. For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about Zoflora is a cleaning product with antibacterial power that comes in many, many different scents. Most of these scents smell pretty good. I’m making it my personal aim to collect them all, except for Hyacinth that is. Hyacinth smells like cat wee, and that’s me being polite!

I use Zoflora for almost everything in my house. My husband laughs at me because I actually have different fragrances for each room of the house, and then the seasonal ones only get used at Christmas. He tells me it’s a little bit OCD. I personally think it helps to keep the house smelling nice and helps motivate me when it comes to the cleaning. If you’re interested I have lavender in the bedrooms (it helps you sleep), Linen Fresh in the living room, Citrus Fresh in the bathroom and Springtime in the Kitchen.

One of the reasons I love Zoflora so much is probably because it’s versatile so can be used for a lot. It’s smell lasts for a long time, and it is suitable for vegans meaning that it is cruelty free and isn’t tested on animals. Plus I love the range of scents available, so there really is one to suit every mood or need and for everybody to enjoy!

How do I use Zoflora?

The short answer is for almost all my cleaning!

  • I did buy a lot of spray bottles and have every scent that I have made up as a disinfectant spray ready to use.
  • I pour it neat down my sinks, shower, bath and toilets.
  • I put it into my mop bucket with boiling water
  • I put it in with my washing (lavender in with our bedding, pet one in with the dog and cats bedding)
  • I use it as a fabric freshener
  • I put it on a ball of cotton wool and put it in the hoover
  • I dab it on the radiators when they are on

A bottle of it doesn’t last very long in our house. The harder to get scents tend to last longer as I am more sparing in my use of them. The easy to get hold of ones get used a lot though. I can get through a bottle of some of the scents in a week! Thankfully Zoflora is cheap! I get it from the pound shop or home bargains.

*Although there are affiliate links on this page to the spray bottles I have not been asked by Zoflora to write this review, nor will I receive money from them. I genuinely do just love the stuff!


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