Budget Supermarkets: Aldi v Lidl

budget supermarkets

The two main budget supermarkets in the UK are definitely Aldi and Lidl. We shop at them both on a regular basis, especially as they are the two closest supermarkets to our house. We have noticed a definite reduction in our food shopping costs since doing it, without it having any impact on the quality of our life, or what we eat. In fact it makes healthy, tasty meals more affordable and was one of the first swaps we made when we wanted to cut down our outgoings.  It’s also very rare that we can’t get all of our food for the week from doing a combination shop at both. So the question is which one is best?


Aldi is probably the better known of the budget supermarkets. It has recently tried to make itself appear a bit more upmarket with the introduction of premium versions of some of it’s products. I find it quite easy to get almost all of what we need each week in Aldi and have never spent over £100 in there, even when I’ve had alcohol and extra’s in my trolley. I could easily spend that just on our basics in one of the non budget supermarkets.

In Aldi we love a few things. Lottie loves their version of dunkers, especially the cracker ones, and will have them in her packed lunch sometimes. I like their version of skips and their lentil curls. Hubby prefers their version of oreo biscuits and their twix bars. He’s not so convinced on their jaffa cakes though. We are both fans of their wine. Quite a few of them taste considerably more expensive than the £5-7 we pay for them.

Aldi also comes out top on price as well. Our basic shop is always cheaper in Aldi than it is anywhere else. Lidl is a close second but Aldi is probably £5-10 cheaper for the basic things we can buy in both supermarkets.


I like the special buys in Lidl. I think the hubby does too because he often spends hours drooling over the tools. It’s definitely expensive if I take him with me when we take a trip to Lidl. They do a lot of running stuff in there. Whilst I’m too fat for the clothes (yes fat runners do exist!) I can use a lot of their accessories and they’re brilliant!

In Lidl our must buys are the children’s multi vitamins (the government do recommend children take one for vitamin D), and their fruit juice. They do one that is a multi-fruit one and Lottie loves it. We also treat ourselves to a bloomer from the in store bakery when we go to Lidl as well. Hubby loves their Cornish pasties in his lunch and I like their own brand diet coke. It doesn’t taste of chemicals unlike the Aldi one.

So which is better?

I must admit of the two budget shops I prefer……Aldi! It’s closer to home, has more of our weekly basics in it, is easier to navigate around and it costs me less money!  That being said I do like Lidl and would always choose it over any of the other supermarkets after Aldi.

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