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There are millions of apps available now for you to download onto your smartphone. Did you realise that some of these apps could make you money though? And quite a bit of it if you put some effort into it and are smart about. As an example, in two weeks off work over the Easter break I made over £300 through the apps on my phone, and in the past three weeks I’ve made a similar amount whilst still working full time!

I have an android phone so all of my recommendations are ones that I have downloaded from the android store. I would imagine that they are also available on iOS as well though.  They’re all free to download and generally all of them are relatively simple to use as well.

What apps have I downloaded?

  • Be My Eye – This is a bit like a mystery shop but it is done on your mobile phone. It uses your GPS location to tell you what tasks are available near to you in various shops. You are able to book these tasks and then have several hours to complete them. They generally ask you to visit a store, check the stock of certain products and then you will need to take a few photos and fill in a report. Shops I’ve had to visit have included Tesco, Wilko’s, Asda and our local corner shop. Some of these tasks are easier than others. You are meant to try and do it without drawing attention to yourself. In some stores this is a lot easier said than done. In my area I can make £50-100 a month on this if I do every task. I try to do as many as I can and have made nearly £400 in the 5 months since I downloaded it.
  • Roamler – This is very similar to Be My Eye. You need an invite code to join. I got mine by being a member of the online forum The Money Shed. They work on XP and you move up the levels the more tasks you do. They also offer some fun tasks that allow you to build up your XP whilst sat at home (or your desk at work!). Shops I’ve visited here include Costa, Superdrug, Boots, Aldi and TUI. Roamler are quite good at raising the payment if a task isn’t completed and the deadline is approaching. I’ve seen tasks go up from £4 to £18 before. In the past month it’s been quiet in the area I live in but I’ve still made myself just under £50.
  • Streetspotr – Another task app but at the moment this only seems to show up fast food restaurants for me. I do the local ones when they come up but I really make my money on this app when I drive up to Scotland to visit my sister. I stop at quite a few service stations along the way. It does add an hour or so on to the journey but it also breaks it up. A trip to Scotland doing every stop I can each way usually earns me £120 which pretty much covers the cost of my fuel as I only have a little car which is pretty economical! Worth keeping on your phone but not likely to be a huge earner unless you live in a huge city.
  • Jobspotter- This is a little different to the other apps I have mentioned so far. This app earns you money in the form of Amazon vouchers. With this app if you see a job being advertised in a shop window then you can earn money from it. Simply open the app, take a photo of the job advert and another photo of the shop front and submit. You need to be at the location when you take and upload the photo because Jobspotter will use your phone’s GPS signal to locate the shop. They are quite strict on making sure that there are no people in the photo. I’ve found that little shops such takeaways are better paying. The great thing about this app is that it doesn’t actually take that long to earn your money. I’ve taken about 20 photos now and I’ve made almost £20. Because it pays in Amazon vouchers I’m saving them there and want to put them towards Christmas or Lottie’s birthday.
  • Receipt Hog and Shoppix – I have put these together because they are basically the same thing but you can do them both alongside each other to double your money. These apps award you points for taking photos of your receipts. It really is that simple! The points aren’t huge and it takes a while to build up but it really is just money for nothing. The longer you let your points build up the more they are worth so if you can its worth keeping them in there to get the maximum rewards for them.
  • Curious Cat, iPoll, You Gov and Vypr – These are survey apps. I’ve talked more about them in this post so I won’t say much here. They can make you a decent amount of money though with effort.

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