I’ve broken my foot and it just wont heal

broken foot

I think I’ve mentioned a few times that I have a broken foot and it doesn’t seem to want to get better. To be exact I have a fracture of them 5th metatarsal. It was broken on 11th May 2018 and in the middle of August 2018 it is still very broken. I’m still wearing a boot (well I should be wearing one) and it’s starting to have an impact on our summer holidays because I can’t drive.

I’m not asking for sympathy. I only have myself to blame for it. I was under the influence of a lot of wine as I had just been to my uncles funeral. I tripped on the kerb as I was walking to get into the taxi to take me home. I then decided that it couldn’t possibly be broken, because you don’t break your bone doing that. So like an idiot I walked around on it for nearly three weeks, and probably made it worse than it was. If I’m honest I think that is why it isn’t healing properly. I did feel like some sort of hardcore ninja queen though as I’d done that and had hardly taken any painkillers. I took some for the first few days and that was it!


broken foot

Having a broken foot has meant I’ve needed to get quite inventive. Thankfully I was only in a cast for a couple of weeks before they gave me the robot boot. Now I can pretty much carry on as normal, just with the boot on. Obviously I can’t drive. I have an automatic so if it had been the other foot I would probably have been totally fine! I think I probably walk quicker with the boot on than I did without it because it kind of bounces you along.

It has stopped us doing a few things. We were going to try and sneak a few days abroad in but we can’t as my fracture clinic appointment is just before hubby’s time off and if the bone still hasn’t healed it will mean an operation as it will have been almost 17 weeks then. It still feels the same as it did when I first did it, and is still quite painful so I’m not optimistic. I don’t fancy having an operation though.

I have to rely on other people for a lift if I want to go anywhere as well which is more than a little annoying. I had so many plans for this summer. We were going to go to so many places, because thanks to my money making we actually have spare cash! That’s all been put on hold. We got Cineworld Unlimited cards instead as the cinema is less than a ten minute walk from our house. We’ve probably already had close to a years worth of films out of it!

We’ve also done a lot of things at home as well. I’d normally buy a costume when Lottie needs one for school. However, on the second day back she has to dress as an Egyptian (no prizes for guessing what her theme is going to be in September) and we’re making it this time as it gives us something to do. She’s going as Nerferti. We’ve made a white dress (yes I actually have sewed!) and all the jewellery for it. It will look pretty cool when it’s finished.

I do need some help though. I can’t do some things without help. I can’t strap the boot on properly so Lottie tends to do that for me. I can’t stand for too long without it on so I have been getting hubby to do more. It will do him good. And I’ve learnt to live with a messier than normal house because I can’t clean it to my usual standards.

Hopefully though. The end is in sight and I’ll get good news when I return to the fracture clinic.

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