New Years Resolutions

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It’s that time of year again…when we all make resolutions that we probably won’t keep. Mine seem to remain the same every year. Lose weight is always on there but instead I usually end the year with more flab on me than I started with. This year is no exception! However, I know I need to lose weight s

o as usual it will remain on the list.

I’ve made 12 resolutions this year. One for each month of the year:


I’ll try to keep them. I think a few are realistic. I can definitely start running again, in fact I have already made plans to start. I just need to keep it up. I am sitting my geography GCSE in the summer through work. I work in a grammar school so failure is not an option. It will be a bit embarrassing otherwise, especially when the students I work with will probably be in the top 10% nationally. I will not be!

I can probably read 52 books next year. I managed it this year, although a few of them were read for work so I am not sure if I should count them. I can manage a random act of kindness every week as well. I probably do this instinctively without thinking about it. The difference is that next year I will go out of my way to do extra things. I’ve got about 30 different ideas so I am optimistic that it can be done, and done well!

In fact the only one’s that I am doubting are the weight loss and the new car. I can do the rest! The £1000 saved will be difficult but I think I can manage it. And as I will probably be unemployed from August I have the definite focus I need to get myself into gear and get the self employed thing going. I’m not quite sure what format that will be in but I will be working from home, and earning at least equal to what I earn now by September! That is a promise!

So for now adios!

Happy New Year. I hope 2018 is everything you want it to be!

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