Planning for Christmas

planning for christmas

Planning for Christmas

I’m reluctant to write a post about Christmas when it is only September but we all know that December will soon be here. However, we all know that Christmas comes on December 25th every single year and by planning for Christmas early we can ease some of the financial burden that Christmas seems to bring to so many people. I personally start planning for Christmas in January every year. I don’t go overboard but by starting a loose plan then I know what I am expecting to spend each month and I can budget accordingly. It means we don’t struggle financially in December and January like so many people. None of the things we do are difficult or hard and can easily be managed by most people.

How can we spread the cost?

I do a few things to spread the cost and it really helps me keep track of things.

  • I write a list of who I need to buy presents for and what I think I am likely to get them
  • I place an order with Park for vouchers and then I pay this balance off monthly by direct debit. The vouchers are then delivered to me in early November so I can go shopping.
  • I start shopping in the sales for things that I know will make good gifts for other people. Things like Pyjamas, smellies, household things and handbags are really good things to pick up here. I got three pairs of PJ’s this year for £10 and a couple of handbags as well. This also cuts the cost of birthdays too!
  • I start picking up stocking fillers whenever I go to town. In our house this a stocking contains little things like stationary, hair accessories etc. We buy these as we go along and I don’t even notice them then.
  • I put big things in my Amazon basket and save for later. I will then do online surveys and save the Amazon vouchers up to pay for the items I want.
  • I enter lots and lots of competitions. Obviously this doesn’t mean I will win lots of prizes but statistically you are likely to win a few. The more you enter, the more you will win! I usually manage a few prizes each month. I put ones that are suitable for presents to one side and use them.
  • I buy foods that will keep as we go along. From September time I’ll add things to my shopping each week to help spread the Christmas food budget a bit. This is either an extra bottle of wine, some nice nibbles, some chocolates or biscuits. I then have to hide them upstairs out of the way so that they don’t get eaten.

As you can see, nothing too difficult. It just takes a little effort but planning for Christmas doesn’t have to be anything too hard, and it also means that you can relax and enjoy the holidays instead of panicking about money and how you will pay for it in January! Win/win as far as I’m concerned!


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