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Poppy Bloom by Rebekah Dobson is the latest book to be hosted here on a blog tour, and I think it’s been my favourite book to read so far. It’s a dystopian novel based in America in 2035, in a world full of technology called Alex (how the author has got away with that name I have no idea!) and America is under marshall law after the government broke down. The leader is in effect a dictator and the country is under seige by a terrorist organisation known as World Without America. Following on from this Americans have been taught to distrust all foreigners and called them ‘Khaki’s’, an insult term, which appears to be on par to the N word of our times in the book.

The story follows the tale of Ambrose (a Samoan American, therefore a Khaki) and Vicki, an American woman. They meet at Portland airport following an explosion there. Vicki had been dropping her fiance Will off for a business trip, and Ambrose worked at the airport as a baggage handler. The two are thrown together when Will disappears in the bomb blast. Vicki and Ambrose manage to escape and it soon becomes clear that the bomb was much more than just an attack on the airport. Throughout the book we also see the realisation that Will might not be all that he seemed, and we watch the feelings between Vicki and Ambrose grow from a definite dislike and distrust into something that could become a whole lot more.

What did I think about the book?

As I’ve said I really liked Poppy Bloom. I like dystopian fiction anyway, and I do have my moments of liking a bit of a love story as well. I must have enjoyed the book because I sat and read it all in one go, which doesn’t happen very often! Overall, the story is fairly realistic. Terrorism is a growing threat, and along with this there does seem to be a rise in racism. It isn’t totally unrealistic to believe that America could be so badly hit that marshall law becomes the way forwards to maintain order, and that sadly racism becomes acceptable. That part I could buy into and I liked that it was realistic in that way. I wasn’t so sure about the guns wielded by the terrorists that could vaporise a person.

I warmed to both Ambrose and Vicki as characters and really liked watching the dynamics of their relationship change as the story progressed. Both characters definitely changed and developed as people as the book went on, and all the changes were positive. Ambrose learned to trust a little more, and became less wary of Vicki. At the same time Vicki got over her distrust of foreigners and her reliance on the technology that was taking over the lives of everyday Americans.

Poppy Bloom is obviously the first in a series because it ended on a cliffhanger, and quite a big one at that. I now NEED to know what happens next and I was left feeling quite disappointed that the book had ended. I really did get involved in the story and the characters.

Would I recommend Poppy Bloom?

I think it’s fair to say that I would definitely be one of the first to recommend this book. I really enjoyed reading it. I’m already looking forward to the second book in the series, and I know that I will be reading it!

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