What is Roamler?

Roamler has become one of my favourite ways to make money since going self employed. It’s one of the mobile task apps that you can download on to your phone. It then pays you to complete mystery shopping type tasks in various stores, usually looking for certain objects, and taking photos to prove they are there, or not as the case sometimes is. The only downside to Roamler is that it is invite only. You do need to be given an invite code in order to be able to start using the app and earning money. I got my code by being an active member of The Money Shed forum.

What do you have to do?

When you first start to use Roamler you need to work your way through level one, which is totally unpaid and prepares you for the paid tasks that you will be completing. It teaches you what to expect to do, what they expect of the photos and to understand the language and terminology they use. At the end of this you have to complete a trial task that they will pay you £2 for. Mine was taking pictures of the tea section in my local Tesco, although it may have changed now.

The tasks themselves aren’t usually too difficult, if you can get into the right shops. The whole point of the Roamler tasks is often to remain incognito. Whilst this is fairly easy in a bigger supermarket, it’s not quite so easy in a small corner shop. I did one of the corner shop tasks recently, and although I got a funny look from the shopkeeper they didn’t say anything. I think people are now so used to photos being taken of random things that they just don’t question it. Once that is approved then you can move  on to the paid tasks.

Tasks can vary in what they expect, and how long they take. I’ve recently had to pretend to enquire about a holiday, take photos of all the nappies in various supermarkets and check prices of various products in Lidl. They aren’t difficult to do, but you can’t be self conscious as people will give you funny looks when you are taking the photos.

How much can you earn?

Like all the task based apps I use it’s very hard to predict how much money you can earn on Roamler. I would say that some months you could make £200, other months you might be lucky to make £2. It all depends on how busy the app is, and how many other people use it in the area you live in. The cities will obviously have more people using it than quieter, more rural locations.

Is Roamler worth your time?

Definitely! I like Roamler, its made me over £1000 since I started using it. Before leaving my last job I only used to do tasks that were on my way anyway. Now I do tend to have one day a week where I will go out and spend the whole day doing tasks for the various apps, but a big chunk of these are

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