Slimming World….surviving the first week

I have almost survived my first week on Slimming World. It’s been hard going as I have had a lot to learn. I have previously done the diet but not as a vegan so it has been difficult to discover what I can eat and what isn’t allowed. I’ve been a little bit devastated to learn that avocado is a no go when on Slimming World. That makes me more than a little sad.

Slimming World itself isn’t too difficult once you get your head around it. I follow the ‘Extra Easy’ plan which basically means that I can eat as much pasta, rice or potatoes as I want and fresh fruit and vegetables are generally unlimited as well. I haven’t had to make too many adjustments to my main meals thankfully, as almost all of my go to meals are already either free or were easily tweaked. Lunches haven’t been quite so easy as Beans on Toast, hummus and avocado on toast have been my three main lunches for a long time.

I’ve found limiting my ‘syn’ intake the hardest. For those unfamiliar with Slimming World syns are the values given to ‘naughty’ foods that have higher calorie values. You can have between 5 – 15 syns per day. A packet of crisps averages at about 5 syns and a bottle of my favourite wine comes in at a whopping 27 syns. Ouch! Needless to say I think the wine may need to be saved for special occasions for the time being.

One thing I have really struggled with is the fact that Slimming World seems to be very focussed on meat and dairy. Most of the dairy replacements I use have a syn value so I’ve had to do some rethinking. I now have the Alpro coconut yogurt as it’s only 2 syns for the whole big pot and one of them lasts me 4 days so it’s half a syn per serving. Thankfully my milk replacement is within the allowances so that was ok, and things like the soya mince I use and vegan quorn pieces are free.

I’ve found myself quite hungry at times though, because I haven’t wanted to go to the cupboard and get myself the packet of party rings I keep in for ’emergencies’, or to have a packet of crisps. There are only so many pieces of fruit I can handle! Even hummus has been off limits, although I’m working on my own homemade syn free version. Once I’ve got it how I want it I’ll post the recipe.

I’m surprisingly nervous about tomorrow’s weigh in as well. I’m not sure I’ve kept to plan 100% as I have had to keep checking things so I don’t really know what to expect. I do know that Slimming World seems to be my last hope at losing weight before having to try fat tablets, which I really don’t want to do. I’m on doctors orders now as I’m pre-diabetic (a perk of PCOS!) so need to lose about half my body weight. It’s going to be a long journey I think. Hopefully Slimming World will work. I don’t want to think about it not!

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7 thoughts on “Slimming World….surviving the first week

  1. I wonder if there are blogs and forums and such out there that can offer other suggestions and tips, given as that it seems to currently pretty meat and dairy heavy? I’m sure you’re not alone in needing to branch out a little to fill the cupboards. You can do this – step by step, you can! 🙂
    Caz x

    1. Thanks. I’ve joined a group on FB and got loads of advice on there. Taking it one step at a time. Totally got this and very determined now!

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    I wanted to subscribe to your newsletter, but I couldn’t find it. Do you have it?

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    1. All dairy free yogurts have syns. No such thing as a vegan any free yogurt on SW unfortunately. Just having to find new things to bulk out my lunch that’s all.

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