Working from home and staying focused

Working from home can be hugely rewarding and allows many people to earn a living as a self employed person whilst still being at home for their family and to manage other commitments. For me becoming self employed has been a target of mine for over a year now. I haven’t been able to decide exactly how that would happen but I knew that I wanted to be self employed. I have spent the year working towards that, and have ideas in place that could make me money if I put the effort in. I’ve got the school holidays to see how I do, and I’m going to try my best to make a full time wage working from home over the summer.

What will I do to earn money?

  • This blog (it makes me pennies but it’s slowly building up page views and with the time to commit to promotion over the summer I can totally build on this!)
  • Online surveys – not the biggest paying thing but they are different, can easily be fitted into the odd 5 minute slot and every penny will add up.
  • Matched Betting – I love this because it’s beating the bookies and it’s tax free. It’s probably some of the easiest money that I’ve ever earned as well!
  • Audio Typing – This will probably be my main source of money. I enjoy it, but as most of it is paid in dollars, the pay is way below minimum wage. But it pays reliably and I still get to stay at home.
  • Mobile Phone Apps – These will be good little earners when I’m back on my feet (currently on week 11 of a broken foot that is refusing to heal!). Apps I use regularly are Be My Eye, Roamler, Curious Cat, Jobspotter, Receipt Hog, Shoppix and Slice the Pie.
  • Other things – I’m also investigating the possibility of a second blog, publishing some kindle e-books, selling printables on Etsy, designing T-shirts for Teepublic and checking out various freelancing sites for doing some writing. I’ve got all summer thankfully to do this.

How will I stay focused?

I think the hardest thing for me will be making sure that I stay focused and on track, otherwise I won’t actually make any money and our bills won’t be paid. Working from home means that I will be easily distracted by other things. I’m very good at procrastinating and that worried me. I can’t afford to do that when I need to pay my bills. So how am I going to stay focused?

That is a tough question to answer but I think the plan is to have a to-do list every day and make sure I stick to it. My thought is that as I am at home anyway the house will naturally be cleaner and tidier as I’ll just do jobs as I potter around.  Having a to-do list of everything I need to achieve each day work wise will give me focus. I like lists, and I love that feeling of accomplishment as you tick something off so I know this will work. I’m also hoping that the pressure of having bills to pay will motivate me a lot as well!  I know I will need to be disciplined if I’m going to stay focused.

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